Hi there! Welcome to C3 Resources. We are Melissa and Katrina, two sisters here to help our fellow teachers to create calmer classrooms.
Being a teacher is a wonderful vocation that we love immensely. However we both feel the pressures of the classroom can quickly wear us down and wanted to come up with some ideas to make life easier for us and now all of you!

We are starting out small as we are both busy working teachers, but hope to add more products as the business grows. So please tell your friends and keep checking in with us to watch us grow.

Just stamp it!

Katrina started investigating different options to make written correction more time effective after she found manually correcting and giving feedback on 80% of a student’s work, extremely difficult and very time consuming. She designed our range of stamps to be inline with her needs for the curriculum, but they can be customised to your requirements. If you don’t see something you like, no worries! We can help you out! Our stamps are made abroad but the ink is German made and totally non toxic. We engrave the customised stamps in our garage using non-toxic Australian rubber, and assemble them all ourselves. The stamps are self inking, as we figured why go cheap when we can offer you the best!

Your spot, my spot, everybody wants a spot!

On the 1st of July the work safe governing body created a recommendation that all floor mats must be fixed to the floor to avoid them being a tripping hazard. But mats with designated places for the children to sit are super handy, especially in lower primary and preschool. Thus our ‘Daisy Dots’ are a great solution to this problem. These are nifty little Velcro shapes that stick to the carpet and don’t move! They are super grippy and flush with the floor so they are highly unlikely to be tripped on. They are quite small and super cute! We have trialed them in Katrina’s grade one classroom all year and they have been fantastic. Use them as markers on the floor, or BRAIN WAVE, use them as markers to get your kids to line up nicely before class! This would be awesome all the way up to lower secondary.
The shapes are made of Velcro and can wear down if picked at, so encourage the young ones not to pick at the edges to ensure they last the distance. We have trialled them on most carpets but if you are unsure if they will work for you we are super happy to send you a sample.