A Class Set of Daisy Dots – 30 flowers


Daisy Dots are nifty little hook and loop flowers that grip to the carpet and don’t move! They are quite small, approximately 10cm x 10cm and super cute! Use them as markers on the carpet so students have a spot to sit. Create the perfect amount of personal space around each student. No more children sitting on top of each other, or on top of teacher’s feet! Each student will have their own spot to sit, or BRAIN WAVE, use them as markers to get your kids to line up nicely before class! Our Daisy Dots will also stick to carpet walls to create colour and interest.  You can even write on them with a marker and create a fancy word wall!

We have trialed them on most carpets but if you are unsure if they will work for you we are super happy to send you a sample. They work best on short pile carpet.

Our class sets of Daisy Dots are made up of a random mix of the colours pink, purple, orange, blue and green. If you would like to customise your colours please just add this to your order notes.

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