Personalised Self Inking Date Stamps

Create perfect, custom self inking date stamps for your classroom, business or personal use with C3 Resources professional range of personalised date stamps. Customise the text with your own wording and we can then print a design of your choice directly onto the stamp for you to use whenever needed. Once your order is received our Australian team will engrave the self inking date stamp, test the stamp to ensure it meets our quality standards and ship straight to your door.

What is a self inking date stamp used for?

  • Date stamps can be used by office managers to date stamp when a letter has been received by mail.
  • From a classroom perspective, date stamps for teachers are an economical and time saving way to mark student work allowing the teacher or assessor to set the date once on the date stamp for their marking session. This avoids repetitive work of the teacher dating and signing each assessment task.
  • Date stamps can also be used by legal firms to document and mark their company details along with a date of when the legal document was processed.
  • Accounting and financial teams also find self inking date stamps useful when processing invoices, payment receipts to allow clarity when future auditing documents, and helps with filing and archiving purposes.

C3 Resources is here to help with your self inking date stamp journey. We suggest that you check out our range or contact us if you are after a specific self inking date stamp.

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